Workshops are an opportunity to bring the challenging fun of Flow Arts to your social event, providing your guests with a high energy, novel experience.

In these workshops, accessible to anyone aged 10 and up, participants will learn how to manipulate a Flow Arts prop - such as poi, fans, hoop or staff - and wil get to experience what it takes to learn the art of Fire Dancing (if included in the booking).

Workshops are a popular brithday party activity, a great shared activity for special occassions or a chance for visitors to have an immersive experience in South Africa's beautiful outdoor settings.

They're also a unique addition to corporate team building events. The coordination of poi spinning, for example, not only challenges participants to get out of their comfort zones, but it's also great at revealing, among other things, how spatially aware they are. It also highlight participants’ patience and determination at learning a new and complex skill that requires dexterity, coordination and rhythm.

By providing a Fire Dancing or LED Performance in conjunction with a workshop we can offer you both an activity and entertainment for your event. It's also a great reward for an audience who has tried manipulating an object themselves and can therefore truly appreciate the technical skill and artistry that is required to perform.

Why Learn a Flow Art:

  • Challenges participants to get out of their comfort zones
  • Improves bi-manual coordination, spatial awareness and balance
  • Exercises patience, instruction following and concentration
  • Encourages mindfulness, self-awareness and creative expression

What is Provided:

  • Practice equipment for each participant (branded equipment can be custom made as party/event favours)
  • 1 hour (adults) or 45min (under 16yrs) workshop with an experienced instructor in the prop of your choice
  • An introduction to the basics of Flow Arts through movement exploration and games

What is Required:

  • 5-15 participants per session (dependent on prop, space and instructor availability)
  • Roughly 2x3m of unobstructed, level space for each participant with plenty overhead clearance
  • Participants need to wear comfy clothes and have flat shoes/socks/bare feet