Turning your hoop into a fire hoop is as easy as adding Hoop Wicks!

Hoop wicks are sold individually. Our hoop tin will be included if you order 3 or more wicks.

  • Flexible, steel cable – 15cm
  • Wick – 5 x 4cm
  • Clamp – 10-22mm

These clamp on wicks can be attached to any hoop (18 and 22mm thick) that has an opening connection. The wicks are made with a flexible, stainless steel cable that will not break or damage your hoop when it hits the floor.

We suggest measuring and marking your hoop for the spacing of your wicks. By doing this you can quickly assemble your prop knowing the wicks will always be balanced correctly.

The circular clamps require a nut driver or flat head screwdriver to adjust.

Our hoop wicks are packaged in a metal tin (when purchasing 3 or more) for easy, clean storage. Alternatively, you can leave them on when rolling and storing your fire hoop. Simply loosen the clamps and gather the wicks together on the hoop, turn them inwards and then lightly tighten the clamps so they remain facing inwards once the hoop is rolled up.


Additional information

Weight .62 kg
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 4 cm