Learn poi, hoop or staff by signing up for our Weekly Classes or Request a Class tailored to your needs. We also facilitate Flow Arts Workshops that are an excellent activity for special occasions or team building events.

The Flow Arts are quickly gaining popularity as a movement practice that is not only beautiful to watch, but which also has multiple mental and physical benefits.

FireTribe's instructors teach Beginner to Advanced Flow Arts classes in a variety of different props. Currently, classes are being held in Observatory, Cape Town and Online using Zoom or Google Meet. Private/custom classes can be requested as well.

Times are given in South African Standard Time: SAST/GMT+2.
Prices are given in South African Rands.

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How to Sign Up:

· Choose a class from the menu below
· Complete the form below or Whatsapp 0613173280
· If there is still  space available in your chosen class you'll receive payment details
· Please send your POP to training@firetribe.co.za to confirm your booking


Choose a Flow Arts Class

Search the menu below for the Prop that you're interested in and then select the Level that you're at. Each section contains details for the In Person and Online classes at that Level.

ONLINE Zoom Video Conferencing
JOHANNESBURG In-Person Venue: Rivonia Recreation Club
CAPE TOWN In-Person Venue: Observatory Community and Recreation Centre

  • Poi
  • Hoop
  • Staff
  • Petit Poi - Drop In Class (CPT/Online)
  • Beginner - 5 Week Series (CPT/Online)
  • Beginner/Intermediate - Weekly Classes (JHB)
  • Intermediate - Weekly Classes (CPT/Online)
  • Advanced - Weekly Classes (CPT/Online)
  • Private Classes

If you’re not sure how you feel about poi spinning, or are not sure which level to join, then drop in for a Petit Poi Class to find out.

Poi involves spinning tethered weights (usually two) around the body in a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. Fire poi is usually the prop that people think of when talking about fire dancing - but this flow art can be enjoyed in many different ways!

We have once-off 'Petit Poi' classes for those wanting to give poi a spin before signing up for regular classes. Here you'll learn how to spin poi and explore some of their endless possibilities.

Content is aimed at mixed levels so anyone is welcome and is bound to learn something new about poi, about fire dancing and about the Flow Arts in general.

In Person - Obs Community Centre
Certain Tuesdays, 18:00-19:00
22 December 2020
12 January 2021
23 February 2021
R130 per person

Online - Zoom
Certain Thursdays, 18:00-19:00
14 January 2021
25 February 2021
R120 per person

Learn the fundamentals of poi spinning and build a strong foundation of technique and theory with this consecutive series of classes for beginner poi students.

If you are new to poi spinning or would like to improve your basic poi skills then these classes are for you. If you would like to join in at a Clifton Fire Jam then these fire dancing classes are the right place to start.

These poi lessons for beginners build on from each other for 5 consecutive weeks so you're guaranteed to finish with enough technique to spin fire poi safely - if that's your goal.

Each beginner poi class includes a warm up and movement exploration as well as trick and technique development. At the end of the series you will be familiar with weaves, butterflies, reels, corkscrews and buzzsaws – at the very least!

Not sure what a Fire Jam is about? Have a look at this (fairly) recent video from one of our community gatherings on Clifton.

In Person - Obs Community Centre
Tuesdays, 18:00-19:00

Series 1.1: 19 Jan - 16 Feb 2021
Series 2.1: 2 Mar - 30 Mar 2021
Rate: R650 (5 x 60min classes)
Online - Zoom Video Conferencing
Thursdays, 18:00-19:00

Series 1.2: 21 Jan - 18 Feb 2021
Series 2.2: 4 Mar - 1 Apr 2021
Rate: R600 (5 x 60min classes)

These poi classes are focused on specific poi skills that one needs to learn before moving on to the more Advanced Poi movements. They're a great place to strengthen your technique or, if you want to learn fire dancing, they're excellent for building that necessary courage.

Each class will cover all of the above with attention given to the individual needs of each student.

In Person - Rivonia Recreation Club
Tuesdays, 18:00-19:00
Package: R520 (4 x 60min consecutive classes)

Single: R140 (1 x 60min single class)

These bridging poi classes are focused on specific poi skills that one needs to learn before moving on to the more Advanced Poi movements. They're a great place to strengthen your technique or, if you want to learn fire dancing, they're excellent for building that necessary courage.

If you are familiar with the basics of poi spinning but aren’t confident with the following techniques then these drop in classes are for you:

– Turning from forwards to backwards with 3 beat weaves & butterflies
– Shoulder and hip reels in all directions/modes
– Maintaining each mode in wall and wheel plane
– Wrapping or changing the length of your poi while spinning

Each class will cover all of the above with attention given to the individual needs of each student.

In Person - Obs Community Centre
Tuesdays, 19:00-20:00
Package: R520 (4 x 60min consecutive classes)

Single: R140 (1 x 60min single class)
Online - Zoom Video Conference
Thursdays, 19:00-20:00
Package: R480 (4 x 60min consecutive classes)

Single: R130 (1 x 60min single class)

In Advanced classes we continue practicing all our Elements (or Driving Modes) in all our Planes - but now we start learning how to transition and move between them as well!

Some of the movements we regularly work on include Stalls, Flowers and Tracers as we learn how to move our bodies freely within the spinning circles of the poi.

Each class covers something remembered and something new, with attention given to the individual needs of each student.

In Person - Obs Community Centre
Wednesdays, 19:00-20:00
Package: R480 (4 x 60min consecutive classes)

Single: R140 (1 x 60min single class)
Online - Zoom Video Conferencing
Package: R480 (4 x 60min consecutive classes)

Single: R130 (1 x 60min single class)

Private poi classes are available at any level and the content is always individual specific.

Master the basics, learn the theory behind poi spinning, work on a particular set of moves or even develop choreography or performance skills.

  • Choose your preferred location and time.
  • Discounts are available if you bring a friend.
  • Class fees exclude venue rental or travel expenses if necessary.


In Person
Package: R1200 (4 x 60min, once a week classes)
Package: R1000 (4 x 30min, once a week classes)

Single: R350 (1 x 60min single class)
Single: R300 (1 x 30min class)
Online - Zoom Video Conferencing
Package: R1100 (4 x 60min, once a week classes)
Package: R900 (4 x 30min, once a week classes)
Single: R320 (1 x 60min single class)
Single: R270 (1 x 30min class)
  • All levels - Weekly Classes (ONLINE)

Hooping is a form of Flow Arts where one manipulates a hoop (or multiple hoops) to perform tricks, explore artistic movement or simply dance.

Some of the benefits of hooping include a low impact cardio workout, toning of the whole body, increased flexibility, strength and circulation as well as improved balance, co-ordination, focus and confidence.

In this Hoop dance and fitness class we explore the basic hoop moves combined into fitness routines to strengthen your muscles and improve the areas mentioned above. You will also learn new hoop tricks every week.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper, this class is tailored to suite everyone’s needs. You are bound to learn something new about hoop dancing and Flow Arts in general.

Drop in for a once-off class to see what it’s all about or join us weekly for a discounted monthly subscription.

Online - Zoom Video Conference
Thursdays, 18:00-19:00
Package: R450 (4 x 60min consecutive classes)

Single: R120 (1 x 60min single class)
  • Beginner/Intermediate - Weekly Classes (JHB)

Staff class info coming soon....

In Person - Rivonia Recreation Club
Tuesdays, 18:00-19:00
Package: R520 (4 x 60min consecutive classes)

Single: R140 (1 x 60min single class)

Book or Request a Class or Workshop

Health & Safety

As the global COVID-19 pandemic persists we will continue to provide Online Classes but are now also able to resume with In Person classes for those students who are able to safely attend.

We will be following the below safety protocols:

  • Attendees will have their temperature scanned as they sign in to the building.
  • Attendees will be required to wear a mask when arriving and leaving the venue.
  • All door handles and surfaces will be sanitised before and after classes.
  • Students will be encourage to use their own poi. However, practice poi will still be provided during class and their handles will be santised before and after use.

Classes and workshops do not involve any fire unless specifically arranged.

Read More in the FAQs Below

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flow Arts?

Flow Arts, in essence, involve the artistic manipulation of objects to create a dance-like flow. Like Martial Arts, they incorporate a multitude of disciplines.

Flow Arts are rooted in many different styles of movement, from around the world, and are expressed using an infinite array of props such as poi, hula hoops and staff. Sometimes Flow Artists use fire props (as with fire dancing) and sometimes they use daytime or LED props.

Many disciplines assimilate elements of dance, circus skills and performance arts like busking. Others embody aspects of mindfulness and meditation. But for all Flow Artists; playing, for the sheer joy of it, will always be a high priority.


What is Fire Dancing?

The art of dancing with fire can be done with any Flow Arts prop! Fire dancing is a unique form of creative expression that's fueled by a respect for fire, confidence in and awareness of self and a dedication to the practising of your technique.

Clifton Fire Jams are an excellent place to learn to dance with fire once you've trained with practice toys. These community gatherings happen monthly, during summer, and are announced on FireTribe's Facebook Events once the weather forecast can be seen.

Alternatively, you can request a Workshop that fully or partially involves fire - depending on how brave you're feeling!

Why learn Flow Arts?

Learning to move with a prop is a highly rewarding practice. Flow Arts can be a creative outlet, a form of physical and mental meditation or an exciting problem solving challenge. It is beneficial to people of all ages for many different reasons, some of which have been explored by Dr Kate Riegle van West in her PhD research into the effects of poi on health for older adults.

Learning Flow Arts helps develop, among other things, upper body strength and flexibility, full body co-ordination, dexterity, balance, spatial awareness and rhythm. It also encourages mindfulness, self-awareness and self-confidence while exercising patience, instruction following and concentration.

What are Props?

A 'prop', short for property, is a moveable object that a Flow Artist manipulates to create a flow of movement. These props become an extension of the artist's moving body and they spin, twist and twirl to create patterns and illusions in space.

There are an infinite number of potential props out there with new innovations being developed every day. Some of the more common Flow Arts props are:

  • Poi - weights on tethers
  • Staff - a long pole
  • Hoop - a circle of plastic tubing
  • Fans - circle segments

More FAQs

Look through the Flow Arts Classes above and choose the one you think will suit you best. Use the above Contact Form to let us know which class you are interested in joining. We'll then confirm that there is space for you and send you banking details so you can EFT the appropriate class fee. Please send your proof of payment to training@firetribe.co.za to then confirm your booking.

If you can't find a class that suits you, you can use the above Contact Form to tell us What you'd like to learn and Where and When. The relevant instructor will then either offer you Private Classes or, if there is enough interest from other students, create a new Group Class in line with your request.

If you are interested in having a once off learning experience for a group of people then we recommend booking a Workshop.

Our most commonly taught prop is poi, but training in almost any prop can be arranged if you simply ask! We have instructors available for one-on-one classes, group classes (min 3-5px) or workshops in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. If you're interested in learning a prop other than poi, hoop or staff please contact us and let us know!

Comfortable clothing is recommended along with soft shoes – or a willingness to be barefoot! We have practice toys for you to borrow for your first few classes after which you will need to bring your own props. This is recommended so you have your own equipment to practice with in between classes.

As with any type of skill there is no real end to the learning process. Naturally, how much effort and time you invest into your prop will determine your progress with it. The Beginner Poi Series is designed to move someone from absolute beginner to being confident with the basics in just 5 weeks. Each individual is unique though, and everyone learns (and practices!) at their own pace.

This one is actually entirely up to you. As soon as you feel confident that you can spin your prop around (in any pattern) and not get yourself totally tangled up then you could try the fire version. Of course, mastering the skill may take much longer, but spinning with fire doesn’t really require you to do any special moves – just bravery! Anyone is welcome to join the Clifton Fire Jams which are a great space to learn with fire.

Our weekly evening classes are aimed at students who are 13yrs and older but in Cape Town we also have extra mural poi classes at primary schools . If your child is at a school that is interested in adding a Flow Arts discipline to their extra mural (or curriculum) activities please let us know: training@firetribe.co.za. Our workshops, on the other hand, can be adapted to suit any age – as long as they can hold onto a poi!

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