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Poi Classes learn how to fire dance with Caitlin from FireTribe

Caitlin is the executive and artistic director of FireTribe and is our primary Cape Town Flow Arts instructor and workshop facilitator.

Caitlin has been spinning poi (and other props) since 2004 and has been performing with FireTribe since 2005. She has experience in classical dance, music and education. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and loves how Flow Arts can teach one so much more than just the prop at hand. She has been teaching poi professionally, to all ages, since 2015 and coordinates all Flow Arts training within FireTribe

She teaches all levels of Poi, including Master Classes, and also instructs beginner level hoop (single & dbl), staff (single) and fans.

Find Caitlin on Instagram @smokenstardust

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Tracy joined FireTribe at the beginning of 2016. She fell deeply in love with Flow Arts movement and trained with poi and hula hoops.

She's performed at festivals and events in both South Africa and Vietnam. What once was a hobby became not only a professional, but also a modality for healing and joy in her life. Now that she’s back in Cape Town, the performance nerves have been replaced by a willingness to entertain and a calling to connect through teaching.

Tracy has been teaching hula hoop dancing since 2019.  She is passionate and keeps her students motivated. Her goal for her beginner lessons is to encourage body confidence and authentic movement through hooping. Her intermediate lessons are all about tech, smooth transitions, and combos that will take your hooping to the next level.

Hooping can be sexy, personal, meditative, energizing, freeing or a multitude of other things - but is always rewarding!

Tracy offers Flow Hoop and Tech Hoop lessons for beginners through to advanced levels.

Instagram @movementfromwithin
Facebook @TracyJohnsonPerformancePage

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Roxy Kaczmarek

Duncan Greenwood

Warren Barnard

Roxy has been dancing with FireTribe since 2012 and is our Johannesburg performance troupe manager and Flow Arts instructor.

She teaches beginner to intermediate poi classes and is also available to teach beginner fans and staff.

Roxy completed her Masters in Fine Art at the University of Johannesburg in 2019. She is passionate about teaching and has run many classes and workshops in the Arts.

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Duncan has been juggling sticks since 1998, fire dancing since 2006, and teaching since 2011. He is the founder and chief prop designer at Flow DNA. His teaching methods are focused on foundation movements and patterns that can be applied to any prop, and he has a knack for matching people with the prop they would most enjoy playing with.

He teaches lessons from beginner to advanced levels for the following props: tech fans, s-staff/Buugeng, poi, puppy hammer, juggling sticks, double staff and mini hoops. He also offers beginner lessons in rope dart, flow wand, contact staff, juggling balls, clubs, and many more.

Find Duncan on Instagram @artfullymoving

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Warren has been spinning poi since 2014 and juggling since 2016. He joined Flow DNA in April 2017 and has since been focused on his professional performance work and growing the Flow Arts community in South Africa.

His list of skills include advanced poi spinning and juggling, ball and club juggling, contact juggling and double staff. If you'd like to take your poi spinning to new heights, he's your guy. If you'd like to get started on double staff or different forms of juggling, he'd be happy to guide you through it.

Warren also hosts an Open Class every Friday afternoon for anyone to come and learn and jam in a casual and relaxed environment.

Find Warren on Instagram @bambi_warren

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