Flow Arts Community

Flow Arts can be found all over the world in a multitude of different settings: from large scale circuses to individuals playing in their own gardens. But the one thing that these Arts have in common, no matter where you go, is that they create communities.

FireTribe is active in South Africa's Flow Arts and Fire Dancing communities. Once a month we facilitate a Clifton Fire Jam for the fire dancers of Cape Town to get together and play. The date for these fire dancing jams is only released the week before so make sure you receive event updates from our Facebook page.

Learning to spin, teaching or simply playing together as friends is an amazing way for people to come together and connect despite their differences.

Social Media

Social media is a great place to discover what Communty Flow Events are happening near you. It can also help you connect with other spinners around South Africa so that you can start your own Flow Gatherings! Here are a few of the local Flow Arts community groups on Facebook:

South African Balance and Flow Arts Collective

Park Play Sessions

Cape Town Flow Arts

South African Hula Hoopers

Cape Town Hula Hoopers

Cape Town Slack Sessions

Know another community group that should be listed here? Please let us know!