A pair of perfectly balanced fire staves. We can also make you a set of practice staves which can replicate your fire staves’ exact specifications. Staff cases are sold separately and will be made to fit your staves’ length.

All staves are custom made and therefore available on Back Order only. Lead time is 4-5 working days.


Each wick is made from 7.5cm wide aramid tape which is rolled around the ends of the staff. The length of the staff, the length of the grip tape and the size of the wicks are all designed for double staff spinning.

Both staves come with drip catchers placed on each end between the grip and the wick which helps absorb excess fuel before it reaches your grip.

We use black tennis overgrip which is acknowledged internationally as the best grip for staves and contact staves.

It is not recommended to store a freshly used staff in its case for too long. The fuel fumes may get absorbed by the grip which will make it slippery and stretchy. If this does happen, leaving your staff out of its case for some time will dry out the grip. To avoid this, leave the staff out overnight after using it in order for the fuel to evaporate properly.

We recommend that you only use your fire staves when you are on fire and not to practice with. Rather use practice staves to practice and make mistakes with OR cover your fire wicks with a few layers of old socks. This will help to extend the life of your staff’s wicks and keep your practice sessions clean and fuel-free.


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