Fire ropes are a dramatic piece of fire equipment that creates wheels of fire around the fire dancer.

Also known as Fire Wings, Angel Wings or Fire Snakes.

FireTribe’s fire ropes are light and easy to use and have been designed for maximum fuel absorption. Each rope has a loop at the top and a knot at the bottom which act like mini fuel tanks. This allows for a much longer burn time than other tried and tested designs.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently out of stock of rope tins! Sorry!

To shorten your ropes, use gloves to tie another knot at the bottom above the existing one.

Sold in pairs.

Not recommended for beginners. Always keep fuel off your rope handles.

We recommend that you only use your fire equipment when you are on fire and not to practice with. Rather use practice equipment to practice with. This will help to extend the life of your fire toys and keep your practice sessions clean and fuel-free.



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