Practice toys, or day time toys, are essential for any flow artist’s equipment arsenal. They are soft and clean to play with and come in a variety of beautiful colours and patterns. Use practice toys instead of your fire or LED equipment to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your fire wicks and electronics.

  • Fluffy Poi Fluffy Poi
    • Fluffy Poi Fluffy Poi
    • Fluffy Poi
    • R350.00
    • LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE These tennis ball based poi have colourful, fluffy covers and the same chains used on our Fire Poi. This makes them excellent practice poi for learning how to fire dance with poi. Handles - double finger loops Teathers - chain, adjustable at keyrings Weights - tennis balls You can adjust the length by putting a lower chain…
  • Ribbon Poi Ribbon Poi
    • Sale!
      Ribbon Poi Ribbon Poi
    • ,
    • Ribbon Poi
    • R250.00R350.00
    • Stunning ribbon poi made with bright, ripstop fabric that's UV reactive (certain colours) and super durable. Perfect for performance spinning as the poi tails trace your patterns in the air. The poi heads are attached via swivels to the tethers to prevent the tails from twisting up the poi. Handles - double finger loops Tethers - 50cm,  cord, adjustable Weights…
  • Leather Poi Leather Poi
    • Leather Poi Leather Poi
    • Leather Poi
    • R350.00
    • These gorgeous, locally made leather poi come in a variety of different earthy tones and have the softest finger loops any poi spinner could wish for. They are a slightly heavier set of practice poi (a touch heavier than juggling balls) which makes them an excellent choice for intermediate or advanced spinners. Handles - double finger loops Tethers - 48cm,…
  • Sock Poi Sock Poi
    • Sock Poi Sock Poi
    • Sock Poi
    • R360.00
    • Sock poi are soft, comfortable practice poi that are enjoyed by spinners at any level. They're great for learning new moves as they don't tangle easily. This design has been tried and tested by hundreds of beginner poi students who find them easy and comfortable to learn with. A hemmed slit in the seam of each sock means you can…
  • Shimmer Poi Shimmer Poi
    • Shimmer Poi Shimmer Poi
    • Shimmer Poi
    • R300.00
    • LIMITED STOCK LEFT These beautiful tailed poi are made with black velvet bean bags and colourful organza tails that shimmer in the sun. Holding the corner of the square of fabric against the string when spinning creates flags that will twist and untwist as you turn your moves around. Handles - double finger loops Tethers - black cord with swivels…
  • Practice Staff
    • Out of Stock
      Practice Staff
    • Practice Staff
    • R630.00R950.00
    • Just like our fire staves, our practice staves are all custom made to suit you and your unique playing style. We can replicate your unique fire staff’s exact specifications giving you the perfect piece of practice equipment. Staff cases are sold separately and are made to fit your staff's length. In the options below, choose your number of wicks placed…
  • Toi Poi Toi Poi
    • Toi Poi Toi Poi
    • Toi Poi
    • R300.00
    • These fun Toi Poi have just the right weight to tail ratio to send them easily whizzing round! Their longer than usual tails leave beautiful trails meaning you can paint all the poi patterns you like. Certain colours are UV reactive and all the vivid ripstop fabrics are super durable. The handles are attached via swivels to the tethers to…
  • Hula Hoops Hula Hoops
    • Hula Hoops Hula Hoops
    • Hula Hoops
    • R250.00R300.00
    • Hula Hoops are a quintessential prop for any person's arsenal! These locally handmade hoops are ideal toys for both children and adults and can provide hours of exercise, dancing and fun.   SPECIFICATIONS: Durable HDPE tubing Taped to your specifications - write your selection in a note during Checkout Choose from three standard sizes - OR write a note during…
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