Performance Type

Fire Shows

Fire Dancers are the stunning drama that every event needs! Our fire dancing performances are full of energy and excitement, perfect for entertaining your guests and creating beautiful memories. FireTribe works only with professionally trained fire dancers and we pride ourselves in the high quality of our fire dancing shows.

LED Shows

FireTribe uses state of the art LED equipment that displays high definition images, logos and words in brilliant trails of light. The graphics in our LED performances can be synchronised with the choreography and the music (ours or yours!) which creates an illusion of magic that leaves our audiences absolutely mesmerised.

  • Fully customisable graphic displays
  • Include your logo or a personalised message
  • Variety of LED props including hula hoops and juggling clubs
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor events

Performance Size

Solo Show

A small yet powerful performance option that can be easily customised to match your event's theme or mood. Because we work with only the best, our solo Flow Artists are highly skilled, versatile performers - this show never disappoints! Perfect for birthday parties, intimate events or small spaces.

  • Choreographed: 5-15mins stage act
  • Freestyle: 15-60mins roaming entertainment
  • Option to customise music
  • Fire or LED

Group Show

Book two or more dancers for a full value performance. Watch our dancers perform synchronised choreography or fill your venue with gorgeous, moving light. This is the ideal option for weddings, corporate events or special occasions.

  • Choreographed: 10 or 20min stage act
  • Freestyle: 15-60min roaming entertainment
  • 2 - 12 performers
  • Fire or LED

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Performance Extras


This unique ceremony of fire is perfect for special occasions. Performed in front of the guests, this amazing photo opportunity allows you to be directly involved in the display as circles of fire are spun around you. For newly-weds, the wonderful symbolism of fire is explained by the performer and used to create a one-of-a-kind romantic experience. This extra is charged at a flat rate.


An excellent chance for audience participation! Guests are invited to pose (individually or as a group) with the performers and their fire or LED props. Must be booked in conjunction with a fire or LED show. Standard booking does not include photographer. This extra is charged at a flat rate.


Our custom made fire sculptures are the perfect way for you to really put your name in giant, fiery lights. Each letter or symbol is made to be 1m tall, meaning your flaming initials or your blazing company logo will be the cherry on top of a dramatic pyrotechnic performance. Quotes are provided in 3 different size options.


After a fire performance, our dancers hand out giant sparklers that the guests can light directly from the burning fire toys. This is a great way for the guests to interact with the dancers up close and experience a bit of (safe) fire in their own hands. This extra is charged per person.



Special Occasions

Coporate Events

Festivals & Carnivals

TV, Film & Music

Community Gatherings