Fire Dancing Safety

Fire Dancing Safety

Fire Dancing Safety
How to not set yourself and your loved ones on fire

Step One – What burns?

Believe it or not, your fire toys cannot really burn. They are simply wicks that absorb and hold fuel – which is what is actually butning. To dissolve chemicals to create coloured fire, you can use methalated spirits. To make a super hot and volatile fire without smoke, go for benzene. To keep the bugs away you can use Citronela oil. If you’re just going for the usual mellow vibe, paraffin is the way to go.

Step Two – What is Paraffin?

Paraffin is a toxin. Please don’t drink it. If you insist on fire breathing, please take care to not ingest too much.
Paraffin is inflammable, but not exceptionally volatile unless it’s warm. Please do not put burning toys directly into the paraffin to put them out – this only works the first few times, and then you’ll just create a giant fire ball.

Paraffin is an oily liquid. Which means that if a large quantity is ignited it creates a pool of moving fire. DO NOT THROW WATER ON BURNING PARAFFIN, you’ll only create more sad faces. Use a wet towel, sand or, if absolutely necessary, a fire extinguisher. If a tin is on fire, you can try and (gently!) cover the container to suffocate it.

Step Three – Paraffin, Get On My Toy!

Dipping tins – PLEASE use ONLY METAL. If the container is accidentally set alight then melted plastic is the last thing anyone wants.
Soaking your wicks takes only a few moments for full saturation. As soon as it has stopped bubbling, it has enough paraffin. Avoid leaving your toys ‘soaking’ in a communal tin while you wander off – it’s unnecessary, they take up space and can get misplaced.

Excess fuel is always left on your toy (even after a conservative dip) and this needs to come off before you can burn safely. Please don’t spray it onto the ground (it’s toxic and will leave a slippery residue) or into your friend’s face (that’s just not nice). Use a spin off tin or an absorbing towel to get rid of the excess before you light.

Step Four – Man Make Fire!

  • Check yourself before you go for that light – is your clothing likely to burst into flames? Are you seeing double? Are you still wearing those fluffy bunny ears someone gave you? If your levels of inebriation or extravagant attire could endanger you, rather come back when you’re sober(er) – or get naked.
  • Check your space – do you have enough room? Are there drunk people who may get in your way? Are there any highly inflammable tutus near you? Only you are responsible for your fire, do not expect those around you to behave in any type of intelligent or responsible way around you.
  • Is there someone to spot you? While not always entirely necessary, having at least one person around who can whack you quickly on the head if your hair starts smoldering will definitely increase your safety rating.
  • FIRE BREATHERS: what you do is no joke, please assess the wind and the space around you carefully and sober mindedly before you breath. Keep your face clean of paraffin, take care of yourself and take care of those around you.
    All good to go?
  • Then go ahead and light your toy AWAY from the dipping station. One drop of burning paraffin into the dipping tin can ruin everyone’s evening – don’t be that guy.
  • If you haven’t spun off the excess paraffin properly first, your toy will still spit drops of fire – and you better stamp them out! I don’t care if you’re barefoot – you should’ve spun off properly!

Step Five.One – Oh Lawdy, I’m on Fire!

Believe it or not, it takes a few moments to realise that you’re actually on fire in the wrong place. If you notice that someone has set themselves alight, TRY GET THEIR ATTENTION AND SHOUT OUT THE PART OF THE BODY THAT’S ON FIRE. It’s easy to react to ‘Bob, your hair!’ rather than ‘You’re on fire!’ because that sounds like a compliment.
If you are close enough, do the right thing and quickly hit the person repeatedly until the small patch of fire goes out. Please note, this doesn’t require brute force.
If the patch of fire looks more like a ball of fire, go for the WET TOWELS if you can reach them or SHOUT OUT ORANGE to alert someone closer.
Please avoid the fire extinguishers – although fire marshals with super soakers and excellent aim are encouraged.

Step Five.Two – Phew, I Didn’t Set Myself on Fire!

Well done! I assume you had fun.
Your toys are still smoking something nasty, so kindly keep them out of people’s faces.
They are also still piping hot so be careful where you put them.
Some people believe in dipping immediately after burning to extend the life of their wicks – which is fine, as long as they aren’t dumped in the dipping tin and forgotten about. Keep your business tidy and put your poi back in your tin.

DO NOT LEAVE TOYS LYING AROUND THE DIPPING AREA, they’re an annoyance, a hazard to bare feet, could get damaged when stood on or picked up by someone else.
Keep the space clear and safe by storing all toys away from the dipping area and keeping the wet towels easily accessible.

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