Fire Palms


Also known as Hand Candles or Palm Torches.

FireTribe’s Fire Palms come with a rounded metal base with rubber padding underneath for a comfortable fit. They are fastened to your palm (or anywhere else for that matter) with Omni Velcro which means they can be adjusted to fit any size hand snugly.

Fire Palms R 600.00

Their uniquely designed carry case uses elastics to keep your Fire Palms safe and everything else clean!


We recommend you use a cooler burning fuel such as paraffin or biofuel on your Fire Palms. Using hotter fuels such as benzene can increase your risk of being burnt.

FireTribe makes use of a door to door Courier Service for all of its deliveries. Once you have placed an order your information will be checked and you will be sent an invoice containing banking details, courier options and the expected time of delivery. Once your payment or proof of payment has been received, all efforts will be made to have your order completed as soon as possible.