Fire Ropes


Also known as Fire Wings, Angel Wings or Fire Snakes.

Our fire ropes are light and easy to use and have been designed for maximum fuel absorption. Each rope has a loop at the top and a knot at the bottom which act like mini fuel tanks. This allows for a much longer burn time than other tried and tested designs.

Standard Length80cm of rope wick, 72cm total lengthR 625.00
Extra Length100cm of rope wick, 90cm total lengthR 700.00

All fire ropes come packaged in a very handy metal tin which makes traveling and storing your ropes tidy and (mostly) odour free. The tin can also be used as a fuelling station but the lid is not water tight so it is not recommended to travel with fuel still in the tin.

To shorten your ropes, simply tie another knot at the bottom above the existing one.



Ropes are not recommended for beginners: they create a large amount of fire that, if not continuously moved in the correct way, can easily reach and burn your hands. For this reason, always take very good care to keep your fuel off your handles.



We recommend that you only use your fire equipment when you are on fire and not to practice with. Rather use practice equipment to practice with. This will help to extend the life of your fire toys and keep your practice sessions clean and paraffin-free.

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