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FireTribe has been making fire poi since 2000 and we’ve since perfected our style of cylindrical fire poi. The poi’s design is aimed at maximising fuel absorption, thus creating a longer burn, and minimising potential weak points making them remarkably durable.

All fire poi come packaged in a very handy metal tin which makes traveling and storing your poi tidy and (mostly) odour free. The tin can also be used as a fuelling station but the lid is not water tight so it is not recommended to travel with fuel still in the tin.

There is actually very little weight difference between the sets when dry. It is only once you have soaked your fire poi in fuel does the difference in weight become apparent. The more wick you have, the more fuel your fire poi can hold and therefore the heavier they are and the bigger and longer lasting the flame is.

If you are feeling big and strong then go for the Heavies: they have a beautiful, big flame and a long burn time. If you are undecided then Mediums are the perfect middle ground. If you want to play with fire but you are not up for too much exertion then choose the Lightweights.

Some poi artists don’t use them at all and some say they are essential so we have made them optional. Choose between placing them at the handles or at the wicks. If you do choose swivels, you will need a pair of split ring pliers in order to adjust the length of your chains.

All fire poi come standard with black, webbed finger loops. If desired, a pair of wooden ball handles with swivels can be attached instead of the finger loops.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you do not practise with your fire equipment and only use it when lit. Rather use practice poi to practise with. This will help to extend the life of your fire equipment and keep your practice sessions clean and paraffin-free.


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