• Fire Poi Fire Poi
    • Fire Poi Fire Poi
    • Fire Poi
    • R700.00R1,180.00
    • FireTribe has been making Fire Poi since 2000 and we’ve since perfected our style of cylindrical fire poi. The poi’s design is aimed at maximising fuel absorption, thus creating a longer burn, and minimising potential weak points making them remarkably durable. The amount of wick used determines how much fuel can be absorbed, which then effects the weight of the…
  • Ropes / Wings Ropes / Wings
    • Ropes / Wings Ropes / Wings
    • Ropes / Wings
    • R700.00R850.00
    • Fire ropes are a dramatic piece of fire equipment that creates wheels of fire around the fire dancer. Also known as Fire Wings, Angel Wings or Fire Snakes. FireTribe's fire ropes are light and easy to use and have been designed for maximum fuel absorption. Each rope has a loop at the top and a knot at the bottom which…
  • Fire Fans Fire Fans
    • Fire Fans Fire Fans
    • Fire Fans
    • R1,100.00R1,600.00
    • FireTribe's unique fire fan designs are inspired by one of South Africa’s most iconic flowers: the Protea. Our fire fans are made to be bend resistant and their black, powder coated steel means they have a sleek, scratch-proof finish. All of our fans, sold in pairs, are designed with Russian Grips enabling smooth spinning and full hand control over the…
  • Fire Hoop Wicks Fire Hoop Wicks
    • Fire Hoop Wicks Fire Hoop Wicks
    • Fire Hoop Wicks
    • R350.00
    • Turning your hoop into a fire hoop is as easy as adding Hoop Wicks! Hoop wicks are sold individually. Our hoop tin will be included if you order 3 or more wicks. Flexible, steel cable - 15cm Wick - 5 x 4cm Clamp - 18-22mm   These clamp on wicks can be attached to any hoop (18 and 22mm thick)…
  • Fire Palm Candles Fire Palm Candles
    • Fire Palm Candles Fire Palm Candles
    • Fire Palm Candles
    • R650.00
    • Palm Candles are strapped onto your hands (or anywhere else, for that matter) for dancing with fire at it's most poetic. Combine a pair of Palm Candles with any type of dancing style to add a memorable flair to your performances. Also known as Hand Candles or Palm Torches. FireTribe’s Fire Palms come with a rounded metal base with rubber…
  • Poi Handles
    • Poi Handles
    • Poi Handles
    • R50.00
    • Double finger loops are a traditional type of poi handle that allow you to control your poi with the movement of your fingers. Easily attached them to any practice poi or fire poi. Pros - Comfortable, secure, builds muscle variability Cons - No counter-weight for juggling Double Loops - black webbed tape, high durability Double Keyrings - heavy duty, won't…
  • Staff Case Staff Case
    • Staff Case Staff Case
    • Staff Case
    • R180.00
    • Fire staves are notoriously difficult to travel with and usually leave black, sooty marks and a trace of fuel everywhere they go. A staff case doesn’t only keep the smell and dirt contained, but it also protects the grip and wick on your staff from unnecessary wear and tear. Black PVC tubing - request custom length when ordering Elasticated lid…
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