We have a selection of miscellaneous products for all your flow arts and fire dancing needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our shop, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make what you need.

  • Handles
    • Handles
    • Handles
    • R80.00
    • These standard finger loops made of black webbing are great for any level spinner and can be easily attached to any poi or ropes using the double, heavy duty keyrings that won’t stretch out.
  • Poi Training DVD
    • Poi Training DVD
    • Poi Training DVD
    • R120.00
    • FireTribe’s 45min long poi training DVD is aimed at helping beginners master the basics of playing with poi. It will explain how to hold and adjust the length of your poi and take you step by step (and sometimes in slow motion) through the first few moves all the way to turning weaves and butterflies.
  • Staff Case Staff Case
    • Staff Case Staff Case
    • Staff Case
    • R140.00
    • Fire staves are notoriously difficult to travel with and usually leave black, sooty marks and a trace of paraffin everywhere they go. A staff case doesn’t only keep the smell and dirt contained, but it also protects the grip and wick on your staff from unnecessary wear and tear. PLEASE NOTE: It is not recommended to store a freshly used…
  • Tins
    • Tins
    • Tins
    • R30.00
    • Individual tins sold separately. The different sizes relate to what is usually packaged in each.
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