Our hula hoops are all custom made to make sure that your hoop is the perfect size and weight for you. The colourful polypro hoops are light and bright while the heavier HDPE hoops are perfect for beginner hoopers.

Both types of hoops are collapsible meaning they have an opening connection and can be rolled up to half their diameter for easier transport and storage.

It is not recommended to store your polypro hoop rolled up without a Hoop Cradle as the extra tension could damage the tubing.

Polypro Collapsible Hoop (white)R 300.00
Polypro Collapsible Hoop (colour)R 350.00
HDPE Collapsible HoopR 190.00
Hoop CradleR 120.00

The polypro hoops come in 7 different colours and can have a strip of grip tape added to the inside of the hoop if requested. Usually, the inside of the hoop is roughed with sandpaper to create extra grip. The HDPE hoop comes with standard black taping (including the inner grip tape) but can be taped with colour tape if desired.

Hoop Taping (2 colours)R 200.00

Simply add your desired number of Hoop Wicks to your collapsible hoop to turn it into a fire hula hoop.

FireTribe makes use of a door to door Courier Service for all of its deliveries. Once you have placed an order your information will be checked and you will be sent an invoice containing banking details, courier options and the expected time of delivery. Once your payment or proof of payment has been received, all efforts will be made to have your order completed as soon as possible.