FireTribe has taken part in a number of corporate Fun Days where employees were taught how to spin poi as part of the day’s team building activities.

Poi workshops are also a popular activity for birthday parties (of any age) and other events such as bachelor or bachelorette parties and bar or bat mitzvahs.

By providing a fire dancing or LED performance in conjunction with a poi workshop we can offer you both an activity and entertainment for your event.

Learning to swing the balls around is always a lot of fun and is surprisingly more difficult than most people expect. However, even at a beginner level it can be a physically therapeutic exercise that anyone can and will benefit from.

Devil Sticks

Poi is accessible to anyone and everyone and is both a challenging and fun activity.

In a corporate setting, poi workshops are an excellent team building activity for a variety of reasons. The process of learning poi not only challenges participants to get out of their comfort zones together, but it can also be quite revealing as it exposes, among other things, how well participants listen to instructions. It also tends to highlight participants’ patience and determination at learning a new and complex skill that requires dexterity, coordination and rhythm.

Why Learn Poi:

  • Challenges participants to get out of their comfort zones
  • Improves bi-manual coordination, spatial awareness and balance
  • Exercises patience, instruction following and concentration
  • Encourages mindfulness, self-awareness and creative expression

What is Provided:

  • Practice poi equipment for each participant (branded poi can be created as party/event favours)
  • 1 hour (adults) or 45min (under 16yrs) poi workshop with an experienced instructor
  • An introduction to the basics of poi through movement exploration and games

What is Required:

  • Maximum of 15 participants per session
  • Roughly 2x3m of unobstructed, level space for each participant with plenty overhead clearance
  • Participants need to wear comfy clothes and have flat shoes/socks/bare feet
Fire Dancing

These poi workshops can be coupled with an evening performance to provide the perfect reward for the participants’ hard work. An audience that has tried spinning poi themselves can truly appreciate the technical skill and artistry that is required to perform with fire or LED equipment.

Email or click the button below to plan a poi workshop for your event.

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