FireTribe makes two types of handles for practice poi or fire poi.

The standard finger loops made of black webbing are great for any level spinner and can be easily attached to any poi using the double, heavy duty keyrings that won’t stretch out.

The wooden ball handles are perfect for more advanced spinners and provide a great counter weight for juggling the poi. They come standard with swivels that you can attach to any poi by using a pair of ‘split nose’ pliers to open the industrial strength rings.

Finger loop handlesR 80.00
Wooden ball handlesR 180.00

FireTribe makes use of a door to door Courier Service for all of its deliveries. Once you have placed an order your information will be checked and you will be sent an invoice containing banking details, courier options and the expected time of delivery. Once your payment or proof of payment has been received, all efforts will be made to have your order completed as soon as possible.