Caitlin Leigh is the executive and artistic director of FireTribe and is our Cape Town instructor.

Caitlin has been spinning poi since 2004 and has been performing with FireTribe since 2005. She has experience in classical dance, music and education. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and loves how poi can teach so much more than just the poi itself. She has been teaching poi professionally to all ages since 2015. She teaches all levels of poi, including Master Classes, and can also instruct beginner level hoop, staff and fans.

Find Caitlin on Instagram @smokenstardust

More information and FAQs

Caitlin Louise Leigh - FireTribe - Cape Town

Poi Classes


We have monthly trial classes for those wanting to give poi a spin before signing up for regular classes. These ‘Petit Poi’ classes take place between the Beginner Series and are a fun exploration of the possibilities of poi. They are aimed at mixed levels so anyone is welcome and will learn something.

If you’re not sure how you feel about poi, or are not sure which level you are at, then then join us for a Petit Poi Class to find out.

Sign up is essential as space is limited. Email to book your place.

Cost: R120 (1 x 60min class)


30 May 2019, 7-8pm (any level)

Venue: Yoga or NA Room, Observatory Community Centre, Cape Town


Learn the basics and build a strong foundation of technique and theory with these 5 week series for beginner poi students.

If you are new to poi spinning or would like to improve your basic skills then these classes are for you.

Each poi class includes a warm up and movement exploration as well as trick and technique development. We build on what was covered the previous week to ensure that progress is made. At the end of the series you will be familiar with weaves, butterflies, reels, corkscrews and buzzsaws – at the very least!

Sign up before the start date is essential as space is limited. Email to book your place.

Cost: R550 (5 x 60min classes)

Series 1: 5 February to 5 March 2019
Series 2: 19 March to 16 April 2019 (excl. 26 March so ONLY 4 CLASSES - R440)
Series 3: 7 May to 4 June 2019
Series 4: TBC

Time: 7-8pm every Tuesday evening

Venue: Yoga Room, Observatory Community Centre, Cape Town


We now have weekly Beginners Poi Classes in the Northern Suburbs!

Join us every week (or when you feel like it) as we learn how to spin poi, move our bodies and coordinate our brains using flow, geometry and a little bit of magic.

Absolute beginners to intrepid intermediates are welcome - there's something to learn for everyone.

Practice poi will be provided if you do not own a pair. Comfy clothes and either socks or bare feet are recommended.

Sign up is essential as space is limited. Email to book your place.

R130 (1 x 60min class)
R450 (4 x 60min classes, to be used within 2 months)

Time: Every Thursday, 19:45-20:45

Venue: The Zen Studio, 10 Viola Road, Table View, Cape Town


These bridging classes are focused on a specific skill set needed before joining Advanced Poi Classes.

If you are familiar with the basics but aren’t confident with the following techniques then these drop in classes are for you:

– Turning from forwards to backwards weave
– Turning from forwards to backwards butterfly
– Shoulder and hip reels in all directions/modes
– Maintaining each mode in wall and wheel plane
– Wrapping or changing the length of your poi while spinning

Each class will cover all of the above with attention given to the individual needs of each student.

Sign up is essential as space is limited. Email to book your place.

R130 (1 x 60min class)
R450 (4 x 60min classes, must be used within 2 months from purchase date)

Time: Every Tuesday, 8-9pm

Venue: Yoga Room, Observatory Community Centre, Cape Town


Aimed at helping you develop your own flow, these advanced poi lessons will take you beyond the basics to learn about mode transitions, in vs anti-spin and advanced tricks such as flowers, fountains, stalls and hybrids to name but a few.

If you are confident with all the skills listed under Level 2 (Intermediate Poi Classes) then you are welcome to drop in to these weekly, non-consecutive classes as needed (space is not limited).

Each class will include a warm up, trick and technique development and a short combo of moves to help practice your flow.

R130 (1 x 60min class)
R440 (4 x 60min classes, to be used consecutively)
R480 (4 x 60min classes, must be used within 2 months from purchase date)

Time: Every Wednesday 7-8pm

Venue: Hall, Observatory Community Centre, Cape Town


For poi spinners who are confident with all the intermediate moves and variations and are looking to add more advanced tricks, better flow or performance flair to their repertoire we also offer Master classes.

Master classes are available only on request and will be scheduled to suit your timetable. The content of the classes will also be specifically tailored to your unique needs.

The below costs are subject to room availability at the Observatory Community Centre. If an alternative space is required or requested the cost will vary accordingly. Packaged classes can also be arranged on request.

Email to arrange a master class.

1 person: R300 each (1 x 60min class)
2 people: R200 each (1 x 60min class)
3 or more: R130 each (1 x 60min class)

Venue: Observatory Community Centre

Directions to Obs Community Centre

Assuming you are coming from Liesbeek Parkway you will turn up Station Road and go over the bridge.

At the traffic lights turn right into Lower Main Road.

Then take the first right into Collingwood and then the first right again into Rawson Road which will lead you to the parking area for the old school building. You can either park inside on the right, next to the building, or use the parking lot on the left under the gum trees. Both areas are watched by the centre’s security guard.

Tuesday classes are either in the Yoga Room or NA Room – both are upstairs. Wednesday classes take place in the main hall which is visible from the parking lot.

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