Poi is an ancient Maori tradition based on the simple idea of a ball on a string. Playing with poi involves swinging two of these balls around oneself by their strings.

Learning to move and dance with poi is a highly rewarding skill. It will help you to develop upper body strength, full body co-ordination, balance, spatial awareness and rhythm. Of course the ultimate reward, after a bit of training, is setting your poi on fire and learning to master the art of fire dancing.

Cape Town poi classes are currently on Winter Break

New class dates will be released at the end of July ’17. Email to receive info about the classes you are interested in.

Learn to Fire Dance – Cape Town & Johannesburg

FireTribe offers poi classes at all levels – from absolute beginner to advanced. We will guide you through the basic movements, explain the principles of planes and patterns and introduce you to the local fire dancing community.

Beginner classes require absolutely no previous experience while intermediate classes require students to be familiar with the basics. Advanced poi lessons, or classes in different props, are available on request. More information on the different classes can be found below.

The classes do not involve any fire. Practice equipment is available to borrow and/or buy for the first class after which you will need to bring your own practice poi. More information can be found in our FAQs below.

To book a class, please contact us through our website or by emailing with information about your poi experience and when you would like to start.



Poi Classes

‘Petit Poi’ Drop in Classes

We have scheduled drop in classes for those of you who’d like to give poi a spin before signing up for regular classes. These ‘Petit Poi’ classes will take place between the Beginner Series and will be a fun exploration of the possibilities of poi. They are aimed at mixed levels so everyone is welcome and will learn something.

If you’re not sure how you feel about poi, or are not sure which level you are at then then join us for a Petit Poi Class.

Cost: R100 (1 x 60min class)

New class dates will be released at the end of July ’17. Email to receive info about the classes you are interested in.

Venue: Observatory Community Centre, Cape Town

Cape Town – Beginner Poi Classes

We have created a brand new, 5 week Beginner Poi Series for students who are just starting out on their poi spinning journey. These beginner poi classes will ensure each new student gets a firm grasp on the basic moves and techniques. We’ll also help you develop a good understanding of the theory behind them.

If you are absolutely new to poi spinning or would like to improve your basic skills then these classes are for you.

Each poi class will include a warm up and movement exploration as well as trick and technique development. The classes will also build on what was covered in the previous week to ensure that progress is made. At the end of the series you will be familiar with weaves, butterflies, reels, corkscrews and buzzsaws – at the very least!

It is essential that you sign up for a series before the start date in order to ensure your place.

Cost: R470 (5 x 60min classes)

New class dates will be released at the end of July ’17. Email to receive info about the classes you are interested in.

Venue: Yoga Room, Observatory Community Centre, Cape Town

Beginner Poi Classes (JHB)

Recently started in Johannesburg, our mixed Beginner and Intermediate classes are open, drop in classes that anyone can attend.

Because classes are small the instructor can provide individual attention to each student meaning you will learn and practice what you need to.

Space is limited so please message before joining a class.

R100 (1 x 60min class)
R320 (4 x 60min classes, to be used consecutively)
R350 (4 x 60min classes, must be used within 2 months from purchase date)

Time: Every Monday 7:30-8:30pm

Venue: Art of Synergy, Unit 7, Barbeque Terrace, Dytchley Road, Midrand, Johannesburg

Intermediate Poi Classes

If you have done some poi spinning and are familiar with the basics then you are welcome to join our Intermediate Poi Classes. These are weekly classes but are not part of a series so you’re able to drop in and out needed.

Intermediate students are expected to be comfortable with the following moves: forwards 3 beat weave, forwards butterfly, some shoulder and hip reels, buzzsaw and corkscrew. You can look those moves up on YouTube to see if you know them.

Each class will include a warm up, trick and technique development as well as transition exploration to help you develop your own flow.

R120 (1 x 60min class)

R380 (4 x 60min classes, to be used consecutively)
R420 (4 x 60min classes, must be used within 2 months from purchase date)

Time: Every Wednesday 7-8pm (Starting again in August 2017)

Venue: Observatory Community Centre

Advanced Poi Classes

For poi spinners who are confident with all the basic moves and variations and are looking to add more advanced tricks, better flow or performance flair to their repertoire we also offer Advanced Classes.

Advanced poi classes are available only on request and will be scheduled to suit your timetable. The content of the classes will also be specifically tailored to your unique needs.

The below costs are subject to room availability at the Observatory Community Centre. If an alternative space is required or requested the cost will vary accordingly. Packaged classes can also be arranged on request.

1 person: R250 each (1 x 60min class)

2 people: R180 each (1 x 60min class)
3 or more: R120 each (1 x 60min class)

Venue: Observatory Community Centre



What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothing is recommended along with soft shoes – or a willingness to be barefoot! We have practice poi for you to borrow for your first few classes after which you will need to bring your own pair. If you need to buy a pair of poi then have a look at our Practice Poi online. You can place your order with your instructor or send us an email:


How long does it take to learn?

As with any type of skill there is no real end to the learning process. The Beginner Series, however, is designed to get new poi spinners from knowing nothing to being confident with the basics in just 5 weeks. Each individual is unique though, and everyone learns at their own pace. Previous dance, music or martial art experience might make the learning process quicker but you won’t know until you give it a try.


When can I start playing with fire?

This one is actually entirely up to you. As soon as you feel confident that you can spin your poi around (in any pattern) and not get yourself totally tangled up then you could try fire poi. Of course, mastering the skill may take much longer, but spinning with fire doesn’t really require you to do any special moves – just bravery!

Do you only teach in Obs?

For now, yes. As soon as there is a large enough interest in another area then we can organise classes there. If you are interested in having classes taught in a different area, and know of a few others who’d be able to join, please contact us:


Do you only teach adults?

Yes, kind of. We are happy to include teenagers from the age of 12 and up in our regular classes. Children any younger would need their own special classes. These can be arranged, if desired, and could be a lovely activity idea for a kids’ birthday party.


Do you only teach poi?

No! Classes in hoop (single and double), staff (single, double and contact) and fans are also available on request.


Assuming you are coming from Liesbeek Parkway you will turn up Station Road and go over the bridge.

At the traffic lights turn right into Lower Main Road.

Then take the first right into Collingwood and then the first right again into Rawson Road which will lead you to the parking lot of the old school building.

The intermediate class on Tuesday evenings takes place in the yoga room upstairs. The beginner class on Wednesday evenings takes place in the main hall which is visible from the parking lot.

Corporate Team Building

Learn to Poi

FireTribe has taken part in a number of corporate Fun Days where employees were taught how to poi as part of the day’s team building activities.

Learning to swing the balls around is always a lot of fun. Even at beginner levels it can be a physically therapeutic exercise that anyone can and will benefit from.

The process of learning poi not only challenges participants to get out of their comfort zones, but it can also be quite revealing as it exposes, among other things, how well participants listen to instructions.

It is also a lot harder than what most people think. It tends to highlight participants’ patience and determination at learning a new and complex skill that demands both of their brain hemispheres to work together.

During the workshop, participants are also asked to ‘play together’ in pair activities. This encourages interpersonal relationships and usually generates a large amount of laughter as they work through the physical challenges together.

We have also found that an hour spent trying to master the basic moves leaves the participants with a much greater appreciation of our fire performance. This experience gives them a better insight into the technical difficulties that poi and fire dancing present.

To book a FireTribe poi workshop for your next corporate fun day or team building event, email