Hoop Wicks


Turning your hoop into a fire hoop is as easy as adding hoop wicks! Choose as few as one or as many as 6 wicks to attach to your hoop.

Our clamp on wicks are flexible hoop wicks that can be attached to any hoop that is between 18 and 22mm in thickness and has an opening connection. The wicks are made with stainless steel cable so that when they hit the floor they do not break or damage the hoop. The clamps require a flat head screwdriver (or nut driver – even better) to tighten.

Fire Hoop Wicks R 300.00 each

Our hoop wicks are packaged in a metal tin for easy, clean storage. Alternatively, you can leave them on when folding and storing your fire hoop. Simply loosen the wicks and gather them together on the hoop, turn them inwards and then lightly tighten them so they remain facing inwards once the hoop is rolled up.

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