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Thin vs Thick Grip

Thin vs Thick Grip

Fire Staff Wick


Our fire staves are all custom made to suit you and your unique playing style. We also create practice staves which can replicate your fire staff’s exact specifications. Prices are calculated based on number of wicks placed on each end of the staff as well as any optional extras requested.

Standard Options

Choose the Length

Custom lengths are also available on request.

1.5m19mm x 1.6mm aluminium tubing
1.25m19mm x 1.6mm aluminium tubing
1m19mm x 1.6mm aluminium tubing
Choose the Number of Wicks

Prices are irrespective of length.

Single wick on each endR 700.00
Double wicks on each endR 850.00
Triple wicks on each endR 900.00

Each wick uses 1m of 75mm wide wick material although less can be requested if you would like a lighter staff. Double or triple wicks can be placed together (to create a single, wider flame) or spaced out (which creates multiple trails of fire). Each staff also comes with a drip catcher on each end (space permitting) which helps to prevent fuel from running down and making the staff slippery.


Optional Extras

Grip Options

We use black tennis overgrip which is acknowledged internationally as the best grip for staves and contact staves.

28cm of gripR 70.00
56cm of gripR 140.00
84cm of gripR 210.00
Contact Staff Options

Many contact staffers prefer a heavier staff which we achieve by adding a solid piece of wood to the inside the aluminium tubing. A thicker grip area (increased from 19m to 25mm) is also often preferred as it is said to reduce the ‘roll’.

Additional internal wooden dowel for weightR 120.00
Additional thickness of grip to reduce rollR 50.00
Staff Case

This neat, black tube with an elasticised lid is great for transporting what is usually a very messy and smelly staff.

Staff case (any length)R 140.00



It is not recommended to store a freshly used staff in its case for too long straight after burning. The paraffin fumes may get absorbed by the grip which will make it slippery and stretchy. If this does happen, leaving your staff out of its case for some time will dry out the grip. To avoid this, leave the staff out overnight after using it in order for the paraffin to evaporate.



We recommend that you only use your fire staff when you are on fire and not to practice with. Rather use a practice staff to practice and make mistakes with OR cover your fire wicks with a few layers of old socks. This will help to extend the life of your staff’s wicks and keep your practice sessions clean and paraffin-free.


FireTribe makes use of a door to door Courier Service for all of its deliveries. Once you have placed an order your information will be checked and you will be sent an invoice containing banking details, courier options and the expected time of delivery. Once your payment or proof of payment has been received, all efforts will be made to have your order completed as soon as possible.