Who Are We?

FireTribe is South Africa’s leading fire dancing troupe. We have been performing for over 15 years creating dazzling, and spectacular fire performances.

Since we first introduced fire dancing to Cape Town’s iconic beaches, FireTribe has performed thousands of choreographed fire shows at private and presidential residences, prestigious wine farms, hotels, resorts and casinos both throughout South Africa and abroad. In 2017 we expanded our reach within South Africa and are now based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We have entertained crowds at festivals, carnivals, conventions, birthdaysweddings, product launches, corporate functions and at the 2010 World Cup. We have also been involved in feature films, commercials, television shows and music videos – but that’s far from a complete list for our versatile team.

Our performances are an exhilarating combination of skill and pyrotechnics and can be adapted to suit the available space and unique needs of any event. We also offer optional, more intimate experiences with the fire blessing for newly-wed couples, lucky birthday boys and girls or whole groups of guests. In addition, custom made 2D fire sculptures are available on request for those who would like to see their name or logo in giant, fiery lights.

We believe that the reason for our success lies in the fact that we are not just a group of talented performers doing our own thing ‘on stage’. Instead, we are a team who is focused on presenting our audience with a visual experience, both untamed and choreographed. It is truly a thing of beauty – a flame that will be remembered well after it has gone out.


FireTribe is also South Africa’s leading manufacturer of high quality fireLED and flow toys. We were one of the pioneers of fire dancing in South Africa and are therefore committed to producing only the best products available. This is why over the last 15 years, FireTribe has become synonymous with excellent quality and service.

All of our props are put through rigorous durability testing. As a result, this ensures that you can play to your heart’s content without worrying about breaking or damaging anything.

A large portion of our equipment is custom made meaning you can be sure that your new toys will be the perfect fit for you and your unique style.

We are currently one of the only manufacturers of LED hoops in South Africa. We also have plans to make our own LED poi and staves as well.

All of our products can be found on our website and orders are made via email. We deliver throughout South Africa and can arrange collection for buyers in the central Cape Town area.


We are proud members of South Africa’s Flow Arts community. Over the years we have taught hundreds of people how to poi and have introduced fire dancing to countless others.

We are actively part of groups such as Cape Town Flow Arts and the South African Balance and Flow Arts Collective and we are partners to social circuses and outreach NPOs such asSisonkeActionArté and Circles of Life. We also team up with OddWheels every month for Cape Town’s Play Park Sessions.

We love to show our passion for fire dancing, poi, and flow arts in general at every chance we get. It does not matter whether it is informally at public beach and park gatherings, or formally in weekly classes or corporate team building events.

Meet the Tribe


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Cape Town: Caitlin – 061 317 3280
Johannesburg: Roxy – 083 410 1438